PS: Press On TBC

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    Exhibitions are public displays of art and design curated by a local gallery, museum, or organization.

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    • Sep 9: 11am-4pm
    • Sep 11: 11am-8pm

    1955 Julian Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92113
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    Design = Play
    Discipline Craft, Graphic
PS: Press On TBC

If you’re interested in typography and letterpress printing, don’t miss these typographic improvisations by Susan Merritt. These playful pieces were produced during Merritt’s residency at the Athenaeum Art Center Print Studio in conjunction with “Press On: Explorations in Wood Type,” an exhibition of 58 experimental wood-type prints and typographic broadsides that she produced using vintage wood type at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

This follow-up postscript exhibition includes work that Merritt initiated during a residency at the Print Studio between April 6–June 29, 2021, as we emerged from the pandemic. Using lead and wood type on hand in the Print Studio and overprinting directly on Hamilton prints, some pieces forge past and present into a combined impression while others are fresh typographic interpretations. One of her new projects focuses on SMS acronyms made popular when the number of characters in text messaging was initially limited.

About the host

Susan Merritt

Susan Merritt completed postgraduate study in graphic design at the Basel School of Design and earned an MA in Design Research, Writing, and Criticism from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She writes about visual communication, material culture, and design history. She’s a founding member of AIGA San Diego and contributing writer to AIGA’s Eye on Design blog. Merritt and husband Calvin Woo co-founded Design Innovation Institute to foster traditional and non-traditional areas of design and sponsor student scholarships. She’s on San Diego Design Week’s advisory board and is an active member of SDDW’s steering committee.