• What this is

    Safely enjoy public art installations at select locations around town during San Diego Design Week.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 11: 6-8pm

    2212 Main St
    San Diego, CA, 92113
  • Tags

    Design = Education
    Discipline Architecture, Landscape, Urban

Visit an outdoor installation as architecture students from the Woodbury University San Diego campus share their work through a projection on a wall of the campus building. Work showcased will include projects developed by students of the Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture, and Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development programs. The exhibition can be viewed from the campus parking lot.

About the host

Woodbury University

Woodbury University’s School of Architecture is located in proximity to the dynamic U.S./Mexico border region, the distinctive, faculty-designed San Diego campus offers a multitude of timely and compelling study, design, and research opportunities. The families, artists and activists in the Barrio Logan community create engaging environments in which to share and investigate, while our building encompasses space for studio culture, community and industry gatherings, and hands-on, craft-based design.