Project Tour
Design and connection with nature: Encuentro Guadalupe

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Project Tour
Design and connection with nature: Encuentro Guadalupe

Join Jorge Gracia, architect and designer of Encuentro Guadalupe – a hotel and estate located in Valle de Guadalupe – and landscape designers Alejandra Cuentas and Fernanda D’Acosta in a discussion about design and connection with nature.

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Presented by Alfredo Acosta, owner of Encuentro Guadalupe, the interviews will include a discussion about the project’s design and construction characteristics, and about the way the natural environment was respected and preserved. We will also present exclusively for the first time Gracia’s most recent finished work in Encuentro Guadalupe: the new Casa-Villa. Alejandra Cuentas and Fernanda D’Acosta will discuss the design of interpretive trails by native plants in Encuentro Guadalupe, by sharing the plants, and highlighting their characteristics and use.

Tijuana’s fashion designer Claudia Baylon will present Encuentro Guadalupe’s first clothes collection inspired by the nature of native plants found at the Hotel, and Tijuana’s leather accessories brand Miles & Louie will present the designs of accessories created for Encuentro Guadalupe. #EncuentroGuadalupe #ValledeGuadalupe#EncuentroCollection

About the host

Encuentro Guadalupe

Located at the top of the Baja California mountain and overlooking the majestic vista of the heart of Valle de Guadalupe is Resguardo Silvestre Encuentro Guadalupe. The small inn has only 20 rooms (known as Ecolofts) and a five-room Ecovilla with its Master Suite, inside of which are majestic and vibrant elements that are part of the region’s endemic nature. Its commitment to the environment and to nature is constant and stems from the very conception of the project. The Ecolofts were designed to be elevated and apart from one another, and they rest on four points in order to minimize the impact on the endemic flora and the local fauna.