Project Tour
Work-From-Home Life in a Shipping Container

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    Project Tours give a look inside projects with tours led by the designers who created them.

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    • Sep 12: 11am-1pm

    4430 Highland Ave
    San Diego, CA 92115
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    Design = Transformation
    Discipline Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Technology, Urban
Project Tour
Work-From-Home Life in a Shipping Container

Join digital marketing agency Noble Intent Studio and architecture firm RAD LAB to tour a home office and guest quarters built out of a 40-foot shipping container. See how design transformed an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary combination of a work-from-home space and guest quarters.


Learn what it takes to build with shipping containers from the architecture firm who built downtown San Diego's Quartyard entirely out of shipping containers. Bring your questions for Angela and Cris Noble, who operate Noble Intent Studio and Noble Guest House out of their shipping container on the property of their home in Kensington-Talmadge. Features a walk-through tour primarily outdoors with one group entering the interior space at a time.

About the hosts

Noble Intent Studio

Noble Intent Studio is a digital marketing firm run by Angela and Cris Noble, who have been creating websites together since 2011. They co-founded Noble Intent Studio in 2017 and operate out of an office space built out of a shipping container on their home’s property in the Kensington-Talmadge neighborhood of San Diego. Noble Intent Studio connects client objectives to end-user experience with strategic and inclusive design and innovation. They specialize in custom websites with a focus on accessibility.


RAD LAB is a San Diego-based, licensed architecture firm founded by Philip Auchettl, David Loewenstein, and Jason Grauten, three honors graduates of NewSchool of Architecture + Design. What started as a thesis project turned into RAD LAB’s first development and one of San Diego’s most beloved community spaces. Quartyard, an Urban Park constructed from repurposed shipping containers in Downtown San Diego, serves as an eco-friendly outdoor community space. It plays host to a number of cultural events – from farmers markets to film festivals and outdoor concerts – and is home to a coffee shop, restaurant, dog park, beer garden, and music venue. Quartyard’s utilization of sustainable and innovative design offers San Diegans and visitors a unique outdoor experience and has positioned RAD LAB as experts in shipping container architecture. RAD LAB has emerged as a powerful leader in social design and is sought out nationally and internationally for exceptional tactical urban architecture design. Through an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to architecture, RAD LAB has established itself as an award winning architecture firm.