Studio Tour
Natural Urbano: A private view into the soul of design

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    Studio Tours give a look inside the studios of public artists and designers around San Diego and Tijuana.

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    Design = Connection, Transformation
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Studio Tour
Natural Urbano: A private view into the soul of design

Join us as we share our approach as a Mexican contemporary lighting and furniture design brand. Our studio will collaborate for a short film through which we offer a glimpse into our creative process, and our constant search to harness the power of transformation and create new realities through design materials and process. The documentation shares the journey from an initial concept through production and finally to the spaces and environments these designs inhabit.

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About the host

Natural Urbano

Natural Urbano is a Mexican design brand born in Tijuana in 2006 and based in León, Guanajuato, México directed by Sebastián Beltrán and Lorena Márquez. We began the project in 2006 focused on the idea of offering new ways to respond to the modern world demands through design, bringing a balance between aesthetics, form, and function.

At Natural Urbano we propose design as an element of value that can be applied to different needs. We are known for transforming common objects into conceptual pieces that adapt to different environments, generating harmonious and functional spaces.