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Designing with Life’s Genius

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Talk + Panel
Designing with Life’s Genius

In this virtual presentation, we’ll review how life’s principles show up in nature and how we can follow those same principles in our designs. Our traditional methods of creating our world have led us down dangerous, harmful paths.

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Biomimicry brings us life’s principles which are the missing link in sustainability — what we desperately need to create a safer, circular economy while regenerating our struggling environment. We’ll review some product design and business case studies in biomimicry – including those here in the San Diego area – and look at new ways in which we can start with a life-centered mindset and use an old familiar tool in our toolbox: brainstorming (be sure to check out Brainstorm to Cultivate Cooperative Relationships).

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About the host

Agota Jonas

Agota Jonas is an award-winning Industrial Designer with biomimicry training. After receiving a teachers' degree in her native country of Hungary, she moved to California to earn her Master's in Industrial Design from San José State University (SJSU). She later worked as a design intern at Astro Studios and a designer at both frogdesign and Siemens-owned design studio, designafairs. She taught industrial design for many years and in 2018, returned to graduate school to study Biomimicry at Arizona State University (ASU). Currently residing in Southern California, Agota’s latest project is creating a workbook using biomimicry's life's principles.