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From Bichi To Radicante: The Evolution Of Mexican Natural Wine

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    Conversations that highlight how design shapes the region, with opportunities to learn from designers firsthand.

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    • Sep 11: 4-4:45pm

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    Design = Connection, Education, Sustainability, Transformation
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Talk + Panel
From Bichi To Radicante: The Evolution Of Mexican Natural Wine

Right now, we are experiencing a transformation in the way of understanding the new Mexican wine – think of it as having French influence with Mexican adjustments.

Join us for a conversation about the emerging natural wine scene (and & Lo-Fi) in Mexico: Where did it start? What happened? Who are they? Where are they headed? How did natural (or low-intervention) wines go from being a trend to becoming a way of life?

David Nicholson and Martín Sitten open the doors to Lo.CA - Brebajes del Futuro (Concoctions of the future) in Ensenada, Baja California, to talk with Noel Téllez, Bichi's winemaker, about the legacy that he’s imposing today in Mexico, along with Óscar Mancillas, Radicante's winemaker, about his vision of the emerging scene that begins to make traditional Mexican viticulture uncomfortable.

This presentation will be in Spanish with Q&A in English.

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About the host

Charlatán - Brebajes del Futuro

Charlatán - Brebajes del Futuro (Concoctions of the Future) is a project by David Nicholson and Martin Sitten, focused on the communication, promotion, and commercialization of a selection of avant-garde and honest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that ennoble their authorship and provenance. Based in Ensenada, Baja California.

About Bichi

Bichi was founded in 2014 by the Téllez family who moved to Baja from neighboring Sonora, hence the name Bichi, which means “naked” in the Sonoran Yaqui dialect. Bichi adheres to traditional methods and minimal intervention. Bichi farms 10 hectares of their own Tecate vineyards biodynamically and collaborates with a growing family of organic farmers working vineyard land in Tecate and around San Antonio de las Minas, Valle de Guadalupe.

About Óscar Mansillas de Radicante

Óscar Mansillas de Radicante was born in Tijuana and grew up in Ensenada, Baja California. He has a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences with a Master's Degree in Fermented Beverages with a Specialization in Sparkling Wines from the Faculty of Oenology at the Rovira i Virgili University. In 2017 his project, Radicante, was born. He currently runs his Radicante project producing wines in France and Mexico, and also runs the Domaine Nada winery and the O&R brand together with his partner, Raphael.