Talk + Panel
Transforming Our Future With Regenerative Design

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    Conversations that highlight how design shapes the region, with opportunities to learn from designers firsthand.

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    • Sep 10: 6-6:45pm

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    Design = Resilience, Sustainability, Transformation
    Discipline Craft, Architecture, Fashion, Interior
Talk + Panel
Transforming Our Future With Regenerative Design

Sustainability has been a watchword for several generations now, yet we seem to have only gone in the wrong direction. Should we accept fate? Or should we change our collective destiny? It is already too late to simply “sustain” practices that can mitigate the deleterious effects of human-kind on the biosphere.

In this talk, Designer and Innovator Joshua English will provide a primer on the emergence of a new way of thinking about our future that seeks to reverse the anthropogenic degradation of the living planet and lead to transformative change in how we design and build our environment.

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About the host

Joshua English

Joshua English is an artist and designer with a career spanning 27 years. He has a multi-faceted skillset which includes such varying fields as data visualization and large system design, as well as architectural and industrial design. A graduate of the Interior Architecture and Design program at Academy of Art in San Francisco, he has an obsession with materiality and has been on a quest to discover the most sustainable solutions to everyday design challenges that humans face. His work aims to forge a new path to help leave a green, verdant earth for future generations.