Talk + Panel
What the Heck is Contemporary Art and Design?

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    Conversations that highlight how design shapes the region, with opportunities to learn from designers firsthand.

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    • Sep 9: 7-8:30pm

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    Design = Education
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Talk + Panel
What the Heck is Contemporary Art and Design?

Join artist Yasmine Kasem in an interactive discussion of contemporary art! Learn why it exists and how it is made without any of that confusing art jargon. The focus for the class is to eliminate misconceptions and misunderstandings around contemporary art. Through a social conversation with Kasem and special guest Arzu Ozkal, we get to know contemporary art and design and an understanding of where the two intersect.

Kasem will discuss the intersections of Art and Design, their disparities and similarities, and their roles in a contemporary world in conversation with guest speaker Arzu Ozkal.


  • Yasmine Kasem is a multidisciplinary artist creating works that focus on the perception of identity, navigating hybridity, reflections of personal history, and remarks on social stigma.
  • Arzu Ozkal is a Turkish-born, San Diego, California-based artist, designer, and researcher whose work focuses on design’s role in looking for forms of creative and critical outcomes through participation and collaboration. Ozkal recently received her first design patent for an assistive device for use by families and caregivers in museum and gallery settings.

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