Working Design Session
D4SD Community Design Jam

  • What this is

    Working design sessions are an opportunity to participate in real-time sessions led by designers.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 8: 10-11:30am

  • Tags

    Design = Activism, Equity, Connection, Education
    Discipline Urban, Technology, Product, Research, Experience
Working Design Session
D4SD Community Design Jam

Immerse yourself into the San Diego design community to learn from experts, take part in small group discussions, and meet potential collaborators for your own design efforts. In our digital design workshop, you’ll work with small teams to identify the most pressing problems facing communities in San Diego. No experience is necessary!

What to expect

  • Participants will work with small teams of three to five on Zoom using Miro software that the event provides. Our design facilitators will outline the process and guide you through activities to help you deeply understand how each civic issue affects people in San Diego.
  • You will get practice with empathy-building, research, problem framing, ideating, and prototyping.
  • The approach is unique because we combine aspects of design thinking, value-sensitive design, and asset-based community development. We look forward to designing with you!

About the host

Dr. Stephen MacNeil

Dr. Stephen MacNeil is a design researcher who focuses on democratizing the design process so that everyone can participate. Design is a tool for social change and therefore needs to be accessible for everyone. Through his work with Design For San Diego, the World Design Organization, and ScaleSD – Stephen works with communities to connect, communicate, and co-design around shared community problems. Stephen is a lead organizer of Design for San Diego (D4SD) along with Professor Steven Dow. His team includes Kenneth Chen, Kendall Nakai, Zijian Ding, Avery Hom, Katie Wang, and Ziheng Huang.