The Next Urbanism - Exploring a New Vertical Context in Downtown San Diego

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    Workshops are an opportunity to get creative, with hands-on activities.

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    • Sep 8: 5-6:30pm

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    Design = Transformation
    Discipline Urban, Sustainability, Architecture, Landscape, Graphic
The Next Urbanism - Exploring a New Vertical Context in Downtown San Diego

(Urban) Design = Transformation. Our urban design and architecture team will explore the idea of a “Vertical Transect” to transform downtown San Diego into a three-dimensional city by the mid-21st century. Our approach divides tall buildings into four zones which, with differing design responses to each zone, allows buildings to reach down toward the street rather than always soaring to the sky.

We will explore how we can use this approach to assemble new building types for our urban environment. This discussion and the related exercises will be hosted as a facilitated workshop before Design Week with designers of many disciplines.

The resulting ideas will be shared as a presentation with opportunities for Q&A during Design Week as an illustrated vision for transforming downtown.

View the PDFs to learn more before the discussion:
Vertical Transect
| Erect Transect

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About the host

Howard Blackson / AVRP Studios

Howard Blackson is an urban designer, facilitator, and educator working with AVRP Studios on downtown mixed-use towers, mixed-use infill projects across Southern California, and innovative zoning codes. A San Diegan, his advocacy has assisted the city in developing its parklet program, recent open streets program, and Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama. Educated at the University of Westminster, London (MA-Urban Design), and University of Texas at Austin (BA-Geography), Howard teaches SDSU’s urban design studio. A former Civic San Diego board member and past president of Citizens Coordinate for Century 3, he has served on other various boards and commissions.