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    Workshops are an opportunity to get creative, with hands-on activities.

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    • Sep 8: 12-1:30pm

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    Design = Education, Transformation
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Step into the world of user experience design with General Assembly. During our introductory workshop, explore the decision-making process that dictates how users interact with digital products and see why businesses of all stripes have put out the call for UX talent. Materials will be provided to attendees for participation during the presentation:

  • Learn what the world of UX design encompasses and why it matters
  • Touch on fundamental tools and techniques used by professional designers
  • Discover resources to continue learning about UX

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General Assembly

General Assembly empowers professionals through dynamic courses in coding, business, data, and design. Named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in Education by Fast Company, what began as a co-working space in 2011 has since grown into a global learning experience with more than 80,000 graduates. At GA, students join a thriving professional community at campuses in over 40 cities worldwide, training in the skills they need to advance their careers and foster a love of lifelong learning.