How to Attend SDDW 2021: Design Your Design Week Experience

Aug 19, 2021


  • In-person events require registration or an RSVP through the link on each event page. Specific details about each event will be provided on the event’s registration page. Sign up for any events you would like to attend early — space may be limited!
  • Virtual talks have a timeslot requiring registration. You will receive an email with details to access the events on Zoom.
  • Virtual programs that are "free all week" will be pre-released on those event pages September 8 and will be available for you to explore on your own time.
  • Events are organized by day, with the virtual programs available all week located at the bottom of the page. Use the filters on the left to browse by program type, design discipline, and format (virtual or in-person).
  • Check out the Collections to find what you’re looking for — this includes groupings of events like bike tours, highlights on design in Mexico, programs for students, outdoor events, and more.
  • Check out @sddesignweek on social media for other tips to design your own SDDW itinerary!


  • Find the REGISTER or RSVP button on the event page of any event that requires registration. Click on it to sign up.
  • Add the event to your calendar. (There's a quick link to do this right above the REGISTER or RSVP button on the event page.)
  • Any links you receive for Zoom sessions are meant for you only. Please don't share them with others.
  • If you find you aren’t able to attend an event, please cancel your registration to open up a spot for someone else!


  • Before attending a virtual talk, log into Eventbrite and pull up your Eventbrite confirmation email(s). You’ll be accessing these talks on Zoom.
  • Will I be visible in the virtual talks I attend? That depends. Most sessions are presented as Zoom Webinars and in that case you won’t be, but you’ll be able to chat with the presenters for Q&A. If you’re attending a Zoom Meeting, you’ll be visible but you can always turn off your camera if you prefer not to be shown.
  • Get creative and download the SDDW Zoom backgrounds, if you'd like!
  • How to log into Zoom
  • For in-person events, check out the SDDW Health + Safety guidelines, which follow current CDC guidelines to keep our community safe. Masks are recommended for indoor events. Mask requirements may vary depending on the event, so keep an eye out for guidelines at each venue.


  • Arrange a group bike ride to a few in-person events around town!
  • Get out and explore with a SDDW self-guided tour + picnic.
  • Participate in virtual talks + sessions from home or the office, or host a small gathering to watch together with friends or colleagues. (Order takeout!)
  • Browse pre-released content on your own time (design articles, virtual studio tours, design talks, and more).
  • Be flexible: Many in-person events are operating with limited capacity due to COVID-19 to keep the community safe. Scope out nearby SDDW events if events are full and you need to change course! And be sure to follow all SDDW Health + Safety Guidelines while out + about.