That's a wrap!

Oct 14, 2021

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supported San Diego Design Week 2021! With double the number of participants from last year (4,500+), the second annual event engaged our San Diego-Tijuana community with connection, innovation, and exploration.

Here’s what some of the presenters, committee members, and advisors had to say about their experience:

“San Diego Design Week was a joyful celebration of design, and a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other designers across disciplines. I learned a lot as it covered so many domains of design both in San Diego and Tijuana; everything from studio art to fashion to tech to urban planning to food and beverage.”

Lindsay Miller, Inclusive UX Research & Design

“Through SDDW there's an exciting opportunity to break down boundaries — both geographic and between the many different disciplines of design — to allow for exchange and collaboration. The designers involved came up with such inventive ways to share their work, through virtual talks that reached attendees across the world to intimate project tours and creative outdoor events hosted all over the city.”

Stacy Kelley, SDDW Program Director (Committee Member)

“One of our tenants randomly reconnected with a colleague he hadn't seen in 15 years during the event and they are now talking about relaunching a past project.”

SD Made Factory
, Open House (Presenter)

“In just two years connections and relationships have been built that I greatly appreciate and will be long-lasting. The programming is varied, but always engaging and has also been a huge source of inspiration for my students at City College.”

Sean Bacon from San Diego City College Graphic Design (Advisor)

“The Mingei Museum and SDDW have created a beautiful window into the design and craft of San Diego's creatives. The deeper connection revealed through story and dialogue amongst the talented Designers and Artists in our City is truly special and I think this week-long showcase will become one of San Diego's beloved events.”

Curtis Micklish, Micklish Studio and Urbanist Guide (Presenter)

“SDDW is a structure that helps the curious find the like-minded, and the non-designer realize they're already a part of the rich design matrix forming in our region…[it] displayed to thousands where the many jewels are hidden in this region and how easy it is to return on your own to participate yourself.”

Ron Miriello of Miriello (Advisor)

“To be able to provide a platform for all design practitioners, big and small, for the rising stars and for our legacy, for those who describe what they do with a big ‘D’ and for those who do it with a little ‘d.’”

Patricia Cué, Creative Director at Mingei International Museum (Committee Member)

What’s Next?

After seeing the excitement from the community, we believe that once a year isn’t enough to fully celebrate San Diego-Tijuana design. We’re hoping to put on more events throughout the year to continue to bring people together around design and provide opportunities for you all to enjoy and explore all that our region has to offer. If you haven’t already, follow us on social media to stay up to date on new opportunities and learn about ways to get involved! Thank you again to every presenter, sponsor, attendee, and partner who made San Diego Design Week 2021 happen. We couldn’t do it without you.